Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Joy gets silly

That silly, cute and clever Joy.
At night we read a story together (some of her favorite stories right now are: The Napping House, George and the Dragon, The Gruffalo, The Little Engine that Could,

Then I sing her a song while I rock her in her room.  It has been adorable to hear her learn the words to songs I have sung, and begin to sing along with me.  She loves Twinkle, Twinkle, I am a Child of God, I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus (this is the one I first noticed her singing along with me, after only singing it to her 4 or 5 times),  . . .
A month or so ago she began to ask me if I would sing her a princess song.  So, I started to make one up.  After a couple of nights, the words and tune stuck, and we have been singing it for a few weeks.

Princess Joy is oh, so sweet
Very kind, nice and neat
Princess Joya loves to share
It makes her and others happy

Princess Joy has shiny shoes (she asked for something shiny)
Sparkly dress, and, good news!
She'll be kind to me and you
Because it makes her happy

(sung to the tune of "London Bridges", for the most part anyway)

Well, tonight I was singing the princess song to her, and toward the end of the first verse she began to giggle.  Then she inserted "sad" when I sang "happy".   I couldn't help but give her the reaction she wanted--she was laughing so hard, completely pleased with clever self.  I acted shocked and upset that she would say such a thing, giving a few tickles when she said it again.  We did this a bunch more times.  Just love her!!  She is growing so quickly.  She won't want to do this kind of thing forever.  I plan on eating it up while I can!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Joy's baby blessing (just found it in my documents)

Joy Penelope Blessing 2-24-13:
Daddy blessed her (he called her “Penny” 3 times and “Joy” once):
*to bring joy and happiness to all she meets.
*to learn good things from her brothers (emphasis was made on good J)
*he let her know that she had already been more of a blessing to her family than she could know
*Blessed her body with strength and courage:

Blessed her with the ability to learn to control her body in various stages of her life; to be able to use her talents and gifts more fully--to bless the lives of others  (seemed to say that the greater control of her body would enable her to tap into her talents and gifts, which could then touch the lives of others). 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

David Moss turns 40!!

 David Gee is for-ty,
Ha, ha, ho, ho, and hee, hee!
Thoughts for you on your 40th birthday from family and friends . . .

June 3, 2015


     David, it's a privilege to have this opportunity to send birthday cheers your way on this milestone birthday.  You've made it to age 40!! YEAH!  I am so grateful to have had you as a part of my life for the last forty years.  You have been a joy to me, MOST OF THE TIME!  It's been fun to watch you grow and have opportunities and challenges.  You've been able to take your place in this world and be a positive influence for good.  You've also been able to handle problems as they have come along, and done your best to solve them, and not let them get you down.
     To see you function as a good and faithful husband and father has been comforting and rewarding.   It also means so much to me to see that you love the Lord, and your Heavenly Father, and want to be faithful to the covenants you have made with them!  This is SO important!
     I know that you are not perfect, but I want you to know that I'm proud to call you my son!  Be careful climbing this Mt. Washington!!  I'd hate to lose you at this point in your life.  Have a great birthday and know that we will be thinking of you and praying for your safety.
      Lots of Love,

     David, I can echo Mom's comments above. (That saves typing space down here)  As I heard that you were going c-l-I-m-b-I-n-g, I just want to say that I hope you are NOT riding a 4-wheeler (ala Sand Hills)!  I appreciate your faithfulness in all you actions, thoughts, and examples, not only to your family (extended also), but to those around you, whether at home, work or traveling the world over.  Your trust in discussing possible decisions and actions with your parents is much appreciated.  I am very grateful to be able to call you OUR son!

Happy birthday David! You have always been a great example to me of a brother, father, husband, son-in-law, neighbor, friend and priesthood bearer. Thanks for being such a stellar feller for 40 years, and for always taking such good care of my sister, Joy, and the boys.   –Dan

Old Man Dave, I have recently come to one conclusion. I think that it has been a blessing that you do not live closer, especially in your old age. I have come to realize that you would probably be an invalid if you lived closer due to the danger that the adventures of the West present to you. It seems like every time you come out here you get injured. Since no one else has the courage to tell you, I guess I will have to be the bearer of bad news. Dave you are no longer a Teenager, you're an old man. All kidding aside now, we love you just the way you are. You are a great husband and father to your family and a great brother-in-law and friend to me. Thanks for all of the good times. Just don't ask to ride any of our toys when you come to visit this summer. Have a great birthday. I sure am glad that I am not as old as you. Cheers, Ben
From your father-in-law:
It is hard to remember when I was forty, it was so long ago, but I do
distinctly remember that I seemed so old. It wasn't so much that I
looked or felt old it just sounded so old. I am in my forties, are you
kidding! I remember when I was young that forty years olds were too
old to relate to my problems and certainly too worn out and aged to be
able to keep up with us teenagers. How surprised and humbled I was
when I came to realize that in almost everything that was measurable I
as a teenager was outwitted and outperformed by forty year olds. All I
can say is enjoy it now because even if it is true today. the next
decade will be a totally different story. The decaying process will
soar out of control, things will stop working and other things will
work when they shouldn't. All-in-all your pretty much done when you
turn fifty so my advice to you my friend is to make every minute of
the forties count. Don't set around for a minute, their is no time to
rest. Climb that mountain, run that race, challenge that youngster,
test your endurance, do that thing that you have wanted to do, but
just couldn't put it together. Get new exercise gear and wear it out.
You have ten years, that should be plenty of time.
I am envious of each of you that will be celebrating your birthday on
Mt. Washington. That would be a dream come true for me as well. My
last mountain hike was with Dan on the mountain just north of Mt.
I am happy for you and your boys. I will be praying for good weather
and comfy nights. I can see all of you setting around the fire
watching the coals, roasting marsh mellows and singing "Home on the
Range". What a great picture, don't let me down!
Happy Big One David, Love Grandpa Von

Good heavens, my good man, you are forty
just as fresh, just as eager and sporty
The path has been full
Not a moment was dull
And at least your not as old as Shannon Daugherty (45) 

I have just learned of your adventure up Mt. Washington. Very cool. I am jealous to be sure. Had you not already overcome many an obstacle and challenge in your life with grace and poise, I would be concerned. As is it is, I am not. Plus you'll be like a mobile Eagle Scout unit out there (but don't ask Dan to tie a knot, probably has not done that since his Eagle Board of Review). 

Thanks for taking care of my sister and being a great brother! You have always been such a good example to me (e.g. how to make it forty fresh eager and sporty) :) 

Happy Birthday Dave!

David Gee, David Gee,
The most pleasantest fellow you ever did see;
Straight as an arrow and tall as tree
‘Tis he with the name of David Gee.

David Gee, David Gee,
Husband of one; dad of two times three;
A bishop of many who pray fer-vent-lee
To escape from the bondage of ol’ David Gee

David Gee, David Gee,
As he aged he was prone to much ac-ci-den-cee;
Breaks and sprains and a blown-out old knee
Were the luck and the lot of ol’ David Gee.

David Gee, David Gee,
Had no better luck with bugs and fleas;
Was bit by a tick and thence gifted Disease
Of the Lyme—oh the unlucky, poor David Gee!

David Gee, David Gee,
Arrived at the age of a “four” plus a “tee”—
An age even farther than his eyes can now see!
What a joyous occasion for ol’ David Gee!

David Gee, David Gee,
Now enters his Golden Years wild and free;
Dentures and bingo and afternoon tea
Are now the pursuits of ol’ David Gee.

David Gee, David Gee,
Might as well be one hundred and three;
Can’t jump and can’t bend and cant’ hear and can’t pee;
Can’t get any worse for ol’ David Gee.

David Gee, David Gee,
May it be the best birthday you ever did see!
May you bask in the friendship of fans like me!
Long live the birthday boy, ol’ David Gee!
-Charles Adam Treadwell

David Moss, dear David Moss--
To compete with Adam's poem
I'm completely at a loss.
I've tried and tried
But to no avail...
So now I think
From the attempt I'll bail.

Happy 40th! You're just paving the way for the rest of us, who are hot on your heels. Have a fantastic time celebrating!
-Michelle Treadwell

Happy Birthday David!!!

   We can't believe 40 has arrived so quickly, but you have aged well.:)  We hope your day is a tremendous one and that your Mt. Washington trip is amazing. Thanks for your quiet, steady influence for good in our family. You are the best! And now the challenge begins to see who ages the most gracefully! (Personally, I think I'm in the lead!)

We love you!
Jennifer, David, and the rest of the bunch

There is no more kind or genuine person than you. I love watching you with your kids, you are so patient. It is something that I admire even more now that I am a parent. Thanks for being so kind to me and for always being a good example. Your kids are lucky to have you and of course Becky. 😉 you make sure to remind them of that. I am so happy that you are a part of our family. I hope that your birthday is a good one.
Ps. I was worried to turn 30, I am really glad that it wasn't 40
Love ya,

I always wanted an older brother.  When I would imagine happily ever after, I dreamed of my husband and children, but I really never thought about my brother in laws.  Honestly, gaining an older brother was just an added bonus to marrying into this great family.

My emotions are close to my heart, and I actually am teary as I think about how much I love you and your family. 

We were driving around Isle of Palms, Todd was out of town and you were in front of me (going some crazy way) and Eric was behind me.  I had a moment where I just swelled with love for both of you.  I felt safe there, surrounded by two strong, good men (who I can still beat in a game of Settlers).  

David, you are a good man, a sweet husband, a fun uncle, and the best older brother I could have ever asked for.  I'm so grateful for you.  I sometimes laugh when I say an idiom wrong and nobody notices, because I know you would laugh at me.  I think of you every time I make a salad with a lot of toppings.  (I spent the first five years of my marriage making extra-topping salads when you ate with us, because I didn't realize your "You like A LOT of salad toppings" was not meant as a compliment.)  When I eat good bite of food, I wish you were there because I know how much you would love it.  When someone talks in a quiet, serious, intellectual voice I chuckle a little thinking of you.  I love seeing you carry around my little girls who adore you.

I'm glad you're here to celebrate another year!  Even though I got a higher ACT score than you, you will always be my older brother.  And, I love you brother.  I'm grateful for your place in my forever family.

Please, don't fall of a cliff this weekend.  


Bro, you are great.  Really.  That about sums you up.  Stop and think about what it means to be a great bishop--that's you.  Great dad--that's you.  Great husband--that's you.  Great brother--that's you, too.  
Happy birthday fratello.  It really is nice to be close to you guys.
(Jen says Todd's note is best read with a New Jersey mafia-Rocky  accent.)

Happy big 40 to Dae Dae Mah! Hope you have a great day and that you don't feel too old!   We sure love you David! Have fun today!                           
From the Michigan Mosses

Dabido dominguez, David terwilliger moss, my brother from another mother. I always wanted an older brother, well that's probably not true, but almost 20 years ago I got one. Luckily I was better looking and grew better facial hair. I remember driving with you and hearing firehouse in the car. It was love at first hear. You are everything a guy could want from an older brother, silly, awkward at times, moments of hilarity, spirituality, and just thereness ( I think I made up a word).

40 YEARS OLD! ! Hot snot, though I am not too far behind you, I am glad you get to pave the way, remember your first gray hair? I do. (Yours, not mine). Let's see, these have been an eventful 40 years no doubt, but my involvement in them is getting pretty close to 20 of them. Let's focus on those.

I have always been impressed with you, since the first I heard you were engaged to my little sister, I told you I consider you my brother. Brothers have memories. Let me share with you some i remember. You were there when I backed into another car in some grocery store parking lot. I sent you in to call the police. We were body surfing buds in Mexico when we stayed in rosarito. We were canoe mates at scout camp and we were the only pair that didn't tip over in the cold snake river, so of course another group decided to ram us and make us tip over. Man that was cold. You took me rafting for my bachelor party (or at least we used your grandma's raft ) and it was raining like, serious bad all the way there, then it cleared up just as we loaded the raft, and stayed nice for the float down, and started down pouring as soon as we excited the water. When we got to your grandma's house she told us a tornado hit salt lake causing all kinds of damage. . That was crazy!  I remember you with brand new baby eli, holding him and trying to put him to sleep and thinking what an awesome dad you were going to be. Speaking of father hood, I remember being at topaz mountain and having to take Andrew to go dig a hole. .... you made a snide and funny remark about the joys of being a dad, and at that very moment we all watch as Gabriel, on the top of a hill no less, drop his pants and pooped all over his clothes. It was perfect timing. I remember missing the cesena station on the train ride from Venice, and you didn't complain about the longer drive to pick us up, even though it was late and I knew you were tired. I remember an awesome trip to Naples, getting taken by a guy at the gas station, buying a vesuviuo pizza and having a raw egg cracked on the top of it. It was delicious! I remember you washing deena' s puke of the passenger door, after driving the crazy roads of Naples while 8 months pregnant. I remember taking shelter from the deluge, in a brothel with pictures of what the 'ladies' offered while in Pompeii. I remember you having the first car I ever saw that the phone connected with blue tooth and you could hear it through the car speakers. That was rad! This could go on for ever. 

I am waxing nostalgic. But isn't that what old people do? I wouldn't know, but you sure would! Dang ....40! That's like really old, really your best years are behind you, nothing really to look forward to from here on out. I didn't want to bring this up, but I have been worried for awhile that you may have early onset alshimiers or at least dementia. This has concerned me just the last 20 years or so. It can happen with old people, so it can be expected. I hope all your affairs are in order. I hope is not to late to make appropriate plans. 

J/K of course. 

I love you man, I hope you have an awesome day, and know that we here in the joshua von Callister clan are thinking of you. Thanks for paving the way! 

Dearest David,

I'm thrilled to write you a little note on this most special of days--in truth, a celebration of one of the greatest men I know.  My hope is that you'll receive this letter with the humblest of hearts, thus preventing an increase in the diameter of your head.  I'd like you and your head to remain just as they are.  Proportional.

These past couple of days, I spent some time thinking about my childhood memories and your face appeared in some of my happiest recollections.  I thought it would be fun to share the joy, so to speak.  Are you ready?

There were countless Sundays at our Maryland house when we were in the yard throwing the football.  You would draw plays on the inside of your hand, telling me where to run.  You taught me how to throw a spiral--it was a Nerf football, soft and easy to hold in my little hands.

You were my two-square buddy, and I tried so hard to imitate your skills and strategies. 

Looking back, I still can't believe that you took the time to play games with me.  I remember asking you to play Boggle (we played Boggle a lot, didn't we?) and I had pre-arranged the cubes so that I could spell E-S-P-E-C-I-A-L-L-Y.  You called me out, darn it.  I remember you using your pencil to point out the words you found.  You always won.  Always. 

And RISK, didn't we have fun playing RISK?  I remember listening to you so I could learn how to say, "Kamchatka."  Monopoly (you liked to be the shoe or the top hat)  and The Farming Game were also some of our favorites. 

I remember in our basement in Maryland, we would take balloons and stuff them in our shirts.  Then we'd run, jump on the little trampoline that was next to the arm of the couch and we'd sail over the armrest, landing on our bellies, and the balloons wouldn't pop.  Or the army game you created with rubber bands.

Swimming at the Phelp's Luck Pool, and the bike ride to get there, towels around our necks.  Sharks and Minnows.  Diving off the diving board.  I even remember sunbathing in ankle socks because you and Chris O'Gwin had sock tans and I thought it was the coolest thing ever!

Do you remember playing cops and robbers with throw pillows?  We'd start upstairs in Mom and Dad's room, while one person hid downstairs.  We'd have to throw our little square pillow and hit the person in order to "kill" them.

Tennis in the cul-de-sac was so fun.  Always.  As a kid, that cul-de-sac seemed huge. 

During the summer, I remember you helping me create a Robotech guy in our garage.  You boys would set up a card table out there with your multi-faced dice that you kept in a little woven basket one of you made in a class at school.

I was so jealous about the paper route.  Especially when you got to throw the papers out the car window and you had to time it just right, so it would land right in the middle of their driveway.

One thing I will never forget was when--unbeknownst to me--you took my copy of "Like A Prayer" that I got from Lindsay Helwig's older sister and recorded over it with your own lyrics.  I was furious!  I remember putting the cassette in the silver radio we use to keep above the television, and my jaw dropped when I heard your completely un-Madonna-like voice.  I could've killed you.  Be grateful you're still alive.

I don't know how many times I heard you downstairs, in Michigan, doing the dishes, belting out the tenor part of "The Star Spangled Banner."  I can still hear the tune in my head to this day.

And the countless times I snuck into your room in the basement and looked through your drawers and closet.  I remember reading your journal (have I ever apologized for that?  I am so sorry.) and laughing at the entry where you had wanted to kiss Emily Fransen so badly, but you didn't, and you were so mad at yourself that you wanted to "punch a whole in the wall."  Boy, did I feel sneaky when I read that.

One of my favorite memories is sneaking down the basement stairs, only to catch you standing in the bathroom, shirtless, flexing your trapezius (?) muscles.  You chased me up the stairs so fast.  I even think I remember you yelling, "Net, I'm gonna kill you!" 

Aren't little sisters the best?

David, without a doubt, you were an awesome part of my childhood.  Even though I was a little girl, I wanted to be just like you, and the reason is because you took the time to be with me (to tolerate me?), to play with me, to teach me.  Always teaching.

I don't think that's really changed.  You are, by nature, one who desires to teach or share what you are learning, whether it's a cool trick or a neat fact or some athletic skill.  And you genuinely want people to understand what you're trying to teach them.  You are a good man to the core.

Even though we're older, adults, I still have a tender spot in my heart just for you.  I am so grateful that Heavenly Father blessed me with a truly fantastic older brother.  I always felt safe with you.  I never doubted your commitment to the Lord (amazingly, I can say this about all of my siblings.  What a gift.).  You helped set my course.

I hope this day is filled with love for you.  That you realize the difference you make in the lives of others.  In my life.  This really is a day to celebrate.

I love you, David.


Your Hairs are graying,
I won’t ever let you wear
a toupee ;)
Aging with you sounds oh,
so sweet
I love you, Mister 

Your very own,


Monday, May 11, 2015

Isaac :) May 2015

Playing "Blurt" for Family Home Evening:

Mom reads the definition:  A body of water that is smaller than a lake.
Isaac yells out, "Bladder!"
We all giggle, and Gabe and Adam say, "Pond" (which was the answer).
Isaac says, "I thought you said it was part of the body!"
We all got a kick out of that one, including Isaac.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Isaac march 2015

Isaac threw up this morning--in the basement and the kitchen.
David had to take Eli to play basketball, so I started cleaning it up.
Isaac felt better and was playing with his knights on the ping pong table, while I scrubbed the floor next to him.
When David came home he joined me in the clean-up.
While we were both scrubbing Isaac walks over, and says (so sincerely and sweetly), "Oh, look how cute.  You are cleaning together."  It was said in such a look-at-the-sweet-baby-chicks kind of way.  He just thought that was so adorable of us.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Isaac cutism

Eli is doing something at his desk.
Isaac comes downstairs, after brushing his teeth.
He runs over to the FHE treat cookies (he has already had some of).
As he is running over Eli says, "Isaac, don't eat the cookies."
Isaac turns around, and, as he walks away, he dejectedly says to Eli, "Aw!  I wish you hadn't seen me, Mr. Goodie-two-shoes."

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Joy is ONE

Our little Joy is one year old.

I really can't believe it.
In some ways it feels like she just got here, but in others it is like she has always been a part of us.
I was watching her today and realizing what a central role she plays in all of our lives.  We base so much of our schedule around hers.
Of course she is adored by all. 
She loves the "Poppy Joy Song" we have sung to her since she was tiny.
I love to swaddle her up for a nap or bed-time, and feel her relax in my arms.  There is something so gratifying in being a source of comfort for someone.
She didn't crawl until she was about 10 months, though she loved to roll from about 6 months.  She likes to get around and see what is going on.
She is incredibly social.  Her first real word is, "Hi".  She says it mostly without the "h" sound, but everyone knows what she is saying.  She loves to be social and will say hi to most anyone she sees.  It is the most adorable thing!  Most cannot resist answering her back--it brings a smile to most faces.  She is very perplexed when someone doesn't notice her greeting.  She will say it again and again, and lean toward the person.  It is a very troubling thing to her. It doesn't happen often.
Cute Joy.