Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Joy gets silly

That silly, cute and clever Joy.
At night we read a story together (some of her favorite stories right now are: The Napping House, George and the Dragon, The Gruffalo, The Little Engine that Could,

Then I sing her a song while I rock her in her room.  It has been adorable to hear her learn the words to songs I have sung, and begin to sing along with me.  She loves Twinkle, Twinkle, I am a Child of God, I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus (this is the one I first noticed her singing along with me, after only singing it to her 4 or 5 times),  . . .
A month or so ago she began to ask me if I would sing her a princess song.  So, I started to make one up.  After a couple of nights, the words and tune stuck, and we have been singing it for a few weeks.

Princess Joy is oh, so sweet
Very kind, nice and neat
Princess Joya loves to share
It makes her and others happy

Princess Joy has shiny shoes (she asked for something shiny)
Sparkly dress, and, good news!
She'll be kind to me and you
Because it makes her happy

(sung to the tune of "London Bridges", for the most part anyway)

Well, tonight I was singing the princess song to her, and toward the end of the first verse she began to giggle.  Then she inserted "sad" when I sang "happy".   I couldn't help but give her the reaction she wanted--she was laughing so hard, completely pleased with clever self.  I acted shocked and upset that she would say such a thing, giving a few tickles when she said it again.  We did this a bunch more times.  Just love her!!  She is growing so quickly.  She won't want to do this kind of thing forever.  I plan on eating it up while I can!

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Mark and Tobi said...

Such a sweet moment you get to have with Joy every night. I tried singing to my girls when they were younger and they asked me to stop :)